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  • Chillers with natural refrigerant
  • Chillers with refrigerant with low gwp
  • Chillers air or water cooled
  • Bespoke chillers
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Indirect cooling unit

Indirect cooling unit with a dual refrigerant circuit Capacity 100kW Medium 70% water/30% glyc...


Icefish supplies various pumps. Pump sets all complete delivered with 3-way valve, temperature se...

Projects overview

CHILLER with heat recovery

23 January 2019

Icefish has a order for producing a chiller with natural refrigerant R290 and 100% heat recovery. ...

Contract for the largest standard indirect cooling unit with R290

23 January 2019

Icefish has been commissioned to provide an indirect cooling unit (chiller) with the natural refrige...

TOGETHER to get there een groot succes

23 January 2019

Voor meer informatie ga naar de site. http://www.together-event.nl/...

News overview

About Icefish

ICEFISH is a manufacturer and importer of indirect cooling units and heat pumps. We have an extensive package with standard indirect cooling units (cold water machines) and beside we have indirect cooling units with many options. At the same time, we supply a wide assortment liquid coolers and adiabatic coolers. Durability is a big part of our vision. We use environment friendly refrigerant like R290 or R717 with a low GWP number. The best choice for energy efficient components for indirect c...

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